Association President

Emilio Della Chiesa

Emilio Della Chiesa graduated from the School of Architecture (Venice) and is the Artistic Director of the River Film Festival. He began his career in cinema with music documentaries by Brian Eno, John Lourie, Arto Lindsay and Lidia Lunch. He regularly participated in Città in Cinema in L'Aquila, where he took part in internships and workshops with many of the greatest directors of photography, Rotunno, Storaro, Alekan, Almendros, Bayle, Zsigmond and others, after which he became a member of the AIC (Italian Association of Cinematographic Authors). Emilio was influenced by the personality of Joris Ivens, whom he met at the Venice Film Festival where he worked for over 30 years as a projectionist. In Venice, he also met many of the great personalities of cinema, such as Fellini and Bergman. He continued his training in cinema by working first as an assistant, then cameraman and then as director of photography at Olmi's school for 12 years. Subsequently, he was a jury member at various festivals around the world. As Director of Photography, he has made several documentaries, feature films and short films.
Festival Artistic Director

Romina Zanon

Romina Zanon (Caldes-Trento, 1988) graduated with honours in Science of Cultural Heritage from the University of Trento and cum laude in Science of Performing Arts and Multimedia Productions from the University of Padua. She is a visual artist, photography essayist and PhD student in History, Criticism and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Photography and Cinema pathway, University of Padua). She has numerous scientific publications to her credit and exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica in Venice, OnArt Gallery in Florence, Nucleika Gallery in Catania, Galleria Fogolino in Trento, Centro Culturale Italiano in Cluj, Dorfkirche in St. Moritz, Galerie90 in Rio Pusteria, Spazio "Collettivo 42" in Viterbo, etc). In 2019 and 2020, she was the programmer and deputy artistic director of the River Film Festival in Padua; in 2019, she was general director of the artistic programmes of the 70. Montecatini International Short Film Festival. In 2020 she published with Mirco Melanco the volume "Il neorealismo di Marcella Pedone. Fotografie e filmati di un viaggio identitario nei paesaggi di un'Italia perduta' (CasadeiLibri, Padua 2020, 256 pp.).
Press Office

Marco Bevilacqua

A professional journalist, author and translator, he deals with communication and press offices for public and private entities. He is the author of several translations of Georges Simenon's novels for Adelphi. He writes for the fortnightly Rocca (magazine of Pro Civitate Christiana in Assisi) and for the online newspaper La Voce in New York. For a decade he wrote about economics and culture in Il Sole 24 ore Nord-Est. Over the years he has collaborated with the cultural pages of the daily newspapers l'Unità, Messaggero Veneto, Mattino di Padova, and Cronaca di Verona, and has written about art and architecture in the bimonthly Arte In.
Administrative office

Silvia Giuseppina Dal Lago

Communication Manager

Enrica Guzzonato

An art historian, she graduated from Padua, the city where she was born. Her passion for the visual arts led her to first attend art school and then choose a three-year degree course in History and Protection of Cultural Heritage and a master's degree course in History of Art. She then became interested in the world of multimedia communication and the potential of contemporary sharing tools. He specialised in social management by working in the private sector, and at the same time became interested in social communication by participating in the activities of various environmental committees. He has been on the staff of the River Film Festival since 2018, dealing with web and social communication. Thanks to the collaboration with Il Mattino di Padova - the Festival's media partner - she produces the video clips promoting the various evenings of screenings. Besides being interested in communication, cinema and art, Enrica is very involved in campaigns and projects dealing with social justice, common goods and environmental protection.
Technical office

Vincenzo Dimasi

Vice President of the Researching Movie Cultural Association, he is one of the co-founders of the River Film Festival. Since the first edition, he has overseen the installation and security of the festival's electrical equipment, for which he also works in logistics and public relations. For almost forty years, he has been dividing his passion for cinema with his profession as a representative of school publishing, in daily contact with secondary school teachers.
Space organization consultant

Paolo Pavan

Teaching collaborator at the IUAV Diploma Course in Industrial Design; contract lecturer at SSIS of Ca' Foscari in Venice. Founder of FLUXUS TATA; initiated DESIGN WORKSHOP, InGuardia!, VENEZI.A.RTE etc.. He has curated and set up art and design exhibitions. He edited the 'Diario di Bordo' series for Overview. He was a founding member, secretary and president of the AR/CO (Contemporary Architecture) Association. He was editor of 'Padova e il suo territorio'. Author of hundreds of scientific articles dedicated to Architecture, Urbanism and Art. He has organised and participated as a speaker in numerous national and international courses and conferences. He carries out architectural design, work direction, safety coordination and design activities in Padua.
Legal advice and assistance

Giorgio Destro

Lawyer, expert in environmental law. He has filed various administrative appeals for the protection of the territory in relation to PFAS, as well as supported the establishment of various committees in defence of the territory against land and water pollution, and assists them in all judicial venues. He is often in the news for his important victories before the Council of State as well as in local civil and criminal courts.
International Press Office

Federico Grandesso

Federico Grandesso works as a journalist specialised in cinema for the Chinese news agency Xinhua (Brussels office) and the European weekly New Europe. For these two newspapers, he has regularly published interviews with actors and directors he met during prestigious film festivals such as Venice, Cannes and Berlin; he has also written for national newspapers such as Le Soir Magazine (Belgium), Daily Mail (UK) and Together Magazine (Belgium). Grandesso is currently Board Member and contact person for the European Union and Asia of the Fellini Foundation for Cinema (Sion-Switzerland), this position has led him to organise exhibitions on Fellini in Singapore, Jakarta, Brussels, Bangkok and Calcutta. During his career, Grandesso was Academic Guest at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he also gave monographic lectures and masterclasses. He then took care of communication for the Veneto Region (Brussels office) for four years, also managing exhibition and film projects; still in the field of communication and press office, he then realised projects with Fujitsu Belgium, the Catholic University of Milan and the Ministry of Health.
Technical supervisor

Robin Lock

A Welshman who was introduced to the Festival through his friendship with Vincenzo Dimasi. As a retired engineer and safety officer, he was happy to combine a holiday in Italy with assistance with the Festival on technical and safety issues.
Brand Identity

Roland Matticzk

Communication designer, studied Applied Arts and Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts Berlin (now University der Künste Berlin). Co-founder of the communication agency Sehstern - a few kilometres from Berlin - where he has been responsible for the communication aspect and conceptual signature since 1978.
Animation Clip Festival

Mattes Frohlich

Web Master

Leonardo Cavazzoni

Born in Mantua in 1997, he graduated in Graphic Design and Communication and graduated in 2020 in Graphic and Multimedia Communication Sciences and Techniques at the IUSVE University of Verona.
He is passionate about cinema, the digital world and technology. His career began in 2019 with the agency Fachiro Strategic Design, participating in the creation of advertising campaigns, websites and social media marketing.
Together with Tommaso Barbato, he worked on the restyling of the new River Film Festival 2022 website.
Web Master

Tommaso Barbato

Born in Mantua, class of 1997, graduated in Graphic Design and Communication, and graduated in 2020 in Science and Techniques of Graphic and Multimedia Communication, at the IUSVE University of Verona.
Passionate about music and vinyl, he started his professional career in 2016 with the Strongvilla record label, creating visual communication for numerous music events and album covers.
Since 2020 he has been working with the web agency Logistic Design, designing websites and social media marketing campaigns.
Since January 2022, together with Leonardo Cavazzoni, he has been working with the River Film Festival for website maintenance and management.
Festival Clip Music Composer

Andrea Raiteri

Andrea Raiteri has attended various courses of study and training, including the Academy of Fine Arts and the IUAV University of Venice. He has participated in and received awards at competitions, art and music festivals, collective and personal exhibitions. He ranges as an artist between music, painting, photography, video-art and literature. A collaborator of Joseph Kosuth in 2007, he continues his creative processes and research in various disciplines of art and knowledge.