River Film Festival aims to ensure respect, welcome and inclusiveness for all participants of the events organized.


We believe in creativity and in diverging talent to deliver an experience of cultural and social growth for the community.

Our values

By participating in our event each viewer shares and respects our code of ethics and the values contained therein:

The spread of cinematography and image education

Attention to every form of visual and artistic expression

The promotion of independent cinema and short film

The collaboration with International Film Festivals

The enhancement of the territory and its historical values

Raising awareness of environmental issues

The consideration of culture as a means of social development and of overcoming the inequalities

Inclusiveness as a reference both in visual products and in the realization of events

The intergenerational debate

Consideration of student film products and first works

Exchange, respect and dialogue with the participants of the Festival and among the members of the team.

The promotion of events in presence, while respecting anticovid rules


The Cultural Association Researching Movie, founded in 2002 in Padua in the Portello area, has conceived and carried out since 2004 two international festivals : PORTELLO RIVER FESTIVAL and RIVER FILM FESTIVAL. The two initiatives are linked to the place that houses them: Piovego river’s water, the beautiful historical setting of Porta Portello and the sixteenth-century staircase – ideal scenery and stalls for all kinds of shows that enrich Padua’s summer with top-level international events with totally free admission.

Until the early 2000s the Portello district gave itself an image of neglect and abandon. The two events in question have been conceived and continue to find a fundamental motivation precisely in this objective: to transform the Door, the River and the historical Portello Staircase in meeting places and containers of artistic events that give back to the inhabitants and to all the people from Padua the desire to reclaim a site of great identity, symbolic and artistic value for the city.

The Porta Portello staircase, that was once the commercial port and the gateway to the city, thanks to the Portello River Festival and to River Film Festival – showcases of international music and independent cinema – returns now to life and it is a place of encounter and exchange, no more of goods, but of ideas, creativity and culture from near and far places. Today, thanks to the two festivals, Portello is no longer simply a point of passage or, worse, a non-place, but it has returned to be an historical reference center that the community recognizes and in which it identifies.

The Genius Locis of River Film Festival

is Canal Giovanni Antonio known as Canaletto, which, thanks to its famous painting Porta Portello, gave impetus to the rediscovery of the sixteenth-century staircase of Burchiello after decades of serious environmental and social degradation. Today, thanks to the redevelopment of the festival, the association has determined an urban transformation of the site through culture.

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Cultural Association Researching Movie

Municipality of Padua

Department of Culture


Direzione artistica / Festival Director
Emilio Della Chiesa
Programmazione / Event Coordinator
Cecilia de Pasquale
Programmazione Educational
Emma Borella
Relazione Scuole
Sabrina Arteconi
Consulenza artistica
Romina Zanon
Segreteria / Film entry Coordination
Silvia Giuseppina Dal Lago
Ufficio Stampa
Marco Bevilacqua
Supervisore tecnico
Robin Lock
Consulenza ed assistenza legale
Avv. Giorgio Destro – Destro&Partners SRL
Ufficio tecnico
Vincenzo Dimasi
Ufficio Traduzioni
Hilary Creek
Social e Comunicazione
Cecilia De Pasquale
Clip di presentazione
Enrica Guzzonato
Kathy Louise Wolf, Silvia Dal Lago
Immagine coordinata
Roland Matticzk
Festival Clip Animazione
Mattes Fröhlich
Festival Clip Music
Jimmy Weinstein
Monica Fontana
Web Design
Leonardo Cavazzoni, Tommaso Barbato
Stagiste Comunicazine
Angela Torresan, Elena Marras, Benedetta Peruzzo


AALTO UNIVERSITY School of Art and Design
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises
Adriana Chiesa Di Palma – President – Italy
AGADIC Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais
Dolores Meijomin – Coordinator Audiovisual Promotion – Spain
Aotlook Films
Austrian Film Commission
Martin Schweighofer – CEO – Austria
Cinema Chile
Constanza Arena – Executive Director – Chile
Cinema do Brasil
Andre Sturm – Chairman – Brazil
Cinema Fund
Elena Romanowa – Head of International Department – Russia
Copenhagen Bombay Sales
Sarita Christensen – CEO – Denmark
Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Hrvoje Hribar – Chief Executive – Croatia
Czech Film Center
Marketa Santrochova – Head of Film Promotion – Czech Republic
D.A.M.S – Università degli Studi di Padova
Danish Film Institute
Lizette Gram Mygind – Festival Consultant – Denmark
Doha Film Institute
Abdulaziz Bin Khalid Al – Khater – CEO – Qatar
Estonian Film Institute
Marge Liiske – Managing Director – Estonia
Farabi Cinema Foundation
Seyed Ahmad Mir Alaee – Managing Director – Iran
Film Center Serbia
Miroljub Vuckovic – Acting Director – Serbia
Film Factory Entertainment
Vicente Canales – Managing Director – Spain