Bando Culturalmente 2017 – Proposing institution: Cultural Association Researching Movie


The project “River College Virtual Reality” is a three-year course (2017-2020) of a high qualification film cultural offer, structured in a set of coordinated interventions of educational, production and dissemination type aimed at the creation of a multimedia VR product for the enhancement of the artistic heritage of the Patavino area, focusing its attention on the “Padova Urbs Picta”, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with the tools of cinema exploring the most innovative and engaging technology of the moment: the Virtual Reality, with glocal approach, combining experiences and traditions of our territory with contributions of national and international value. Virtual Reality allows us to carry out 360’ reproductions of the faithful sites of historical and cultural heritage, which can be published and spread through different media and platforms. VR cinema is therefore not the medium cinema, but rather the place where these representations can become experiences. It often happens that sites of historical interest can be banned to the public or, due to the passage of years and poor maintenance, impossible to interpret correctly. With the help of this technology, however, you are able to reconstruct replicas of such sites, thus facilitating their dissemination and consultation. Last year, the spokesman for environmental-themed virtual reality at Sundance was the former American vice president Al Gore, with the mini-documentary “Melting Ice”, shot 360 degrees in Greenland. Virtual reality is not a movie, it’s a real world.

The project “River College Virtual Reality” has the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo as part of the Cultural Call 2017, the patronage of the City of Padua and the collaboration of the Department of Culture and the University of Padua.

Method of intervention:

The project “River College Virtual Reality” unfolds through a close relationship between workshops, workshops, meetings, internships and exhibitions that embrace all the skills needed to make a movie in Virtual Reality. Participants will be selected on a curricular basis, following a call for entry, for a maximum of 24 learners, limitation designed not to sacrifice the quality of teaching and allow a laboratory approach, based on the learning by doing method, and the direct relationship between learner and learner.

Discover the programme:


First Phase

Includes a first workshop of technical and cultural training in the field of Cine Turismo, which will take place in Padua, March 19 to 23, 2019. The work begins immediately after the selection and composition of four teams, composed of 6 participants for each team, from schools, universities, and from the world of work in the field of multimedia. In order to develop the project in all its aspects, during the five days of workshops the teams will work with a dedicated group of experts that includes an art historian, a screenwriter, a director of photography, a computer engineer, a sound engineer and a producer.

Second Phase

The second workshop, dedicated to the production aspects of the screenplay winner of the River Corto VR competition (1 January – 1 June 2019), will take place in Padua from the 22nd to the 25th October 2019. Each team will have a dedicated tutor and a team of professionals to work on all aspects of the project, in view of the production to be held from November 2019 to mid-June 2020.

Third Phase

The last workshop will take place in Padua from the 8th to the 12th February 2021. This workshop will focus on aspects related to the Post production, also addressing the impact that Virtual Reality has on the market and how it is changing working methods and business models. The event includes the First Vision of the project presentation at various international festivals.