16th – 30th June 2017
    Padua – Italy

    2017 Programme
    Portello River Film Festival

River Film Festival

Closely linked to the city of Padua and to Portello, the historic river port quarter, RiFF is a festival of short films that has, over the past decade, become part of the European panorama. The festival has three distinguishing features:

the location, the wide 16th century steps of the fluvial port facing the screen floating on the raft on the river Piovego, a metaphor of life and liberty;
it is a free festival, and kept free in order to remain true to the principle that access to Art is a Constitutional Right;
and, lastly, its ongoing quest for new visual languages and for new cinematographic experiences from all over the world.

This year the River Film Festival is celebrating ten years of activity. As part of the celebrations two films (not in competition) will be shown as special events. The first, which will open the Festival, is A Confession (2015) by Petros Silvestros, a British director, twice winner at the Berlinale and a member of the RiFF jury this year. The second is Berlin: Die Symphony Der Großstadt (1927) by Walter Ruttmann which will be projected at the closing ceremony with a live musical “soundtrack” provided by an internationally known group Music for Then and Now. These two events reveal the special partnership that has developed over the years between RiFF and the Berlin Film Festival which latter has always supported RiFF activities and, indeed, this year’s new graphics for the site have been developed in a Berlin studio too.

The 10th edition of RiFF has gathered together a prestigious international jury made up of directors, authors and producers from Italy, the UK, India, Georgia and Serbia. There are seven categories in the competition: Cinema Schools, Italian shorts, International shorts, Animation and Documentaries. the works in these categories will be viewed and evaluated by the members of the international jury, while the other two categories, Supershorts and 100 seconds, will be evaluated and voted for by the general public. This year 167 shorts from 47 different countries are competing in the Festival. Twenty Film schools from 16 countries are also taking part. These numbers reflect the spirit of the River Film Festival, a celebration of ethnicity, diaspora, multiculturalism and of the imaginary, of imagination.