1. River Film Festival 2015


The ninth edition of the River Film Festival is over. The International Jury: Heinz Hermanns (President), Tony Matteucci, Alessandro Davanzo, Lisa Parolo, Arianna Vietina and Richard Khoury have assigned the awards for the different sections in the competition.. The winners are:

Film schools

FIDELITY Ilker Çatak / Germany 2014 / 25min – Hamburg Media School

This film has been selected for the quality of direction, production and the brilliant acting that have successfully transposed into film, a story that explores the dialectics of the conflict between being true to one’s personal ideals or ceding to the pressures of social and family convenience/survival in today’s Turkey.

Italian shorts

AHLEM Alessandra Pescetta / 2014 / 19 min.

This film has received an award for the way in which it explores a little known aspect of clandestine immigrant’s daily existence, seen through the eyes of a young girl, already settled in Italy but eternally and irrevocably linked to her native land.

International shorts

GERRETA Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum / Ethiopia 2014 / 8 min.

This film “Gerreta (Double meaning – crowd and confusion)” has been selected for the dynamic narrative construction, the direction and the alternating backwards/ forwards editing of the narrative that highlight the collective madness of acting without reflecting on the facts of what happened.

Special mention by the Jury for

MOVING YEREVAN Jevan Chowdhury / Armenia 2014 / 8 min.

For the artistic vision of using dance to evoke and illustrate the sense, and meaning of freedom.

“Moving” can mean three things (deliberate polysemy): 1. in (physical/spatial) movement; 2. something that touches your feelings, emotions; 3. to advance: «In these three terms lie at the very heart of Armenia: from being fragment of the USSR it has grown into a respected, independent country that is fighting for the freedom and dignity of women; the film is emotionally moving, because it recounts the Armenian dream since the genocide, that has come true and, lastly, it expresses modernisation of and within Armenian tradition and traditions”. Antonia Arslan


EX AEQUO for the films

GOLDEN BIRD Debraj Sarkar / India 2014 / 11 min.

For the quality of the mixed techniques, drawing and painting, the elegant interplay between black and white and the fascination of the fairy-tale style which manages to draw us into the story.

DAEWIT David Jansen / Germany 2015 / 15 min.

For the originality of the story that is always fascinating, for the chiaroscuro of the graphics, for the play of perspectives and the use of sound to create a special atmosphere.


RIGHT TO WATER Sohel Mohammad Rana / Bangladesh 2014 / 2 min.

A fixed shot that manages to highlight the need for enough water and the difficulty of surviving when access to it is restricted, especially in an already hard-hit area like Bangladesh.

Extreme shorts

FISH, Lin Zhang / China 2014 / 5 min.

This film has received the award for its surrealistic, oneiric qualities which give depth and substance to what, effectively, appears to be a Treatise on the Human Condition.

100 + seconds!

28 PERCENT PURE Khashayar Rahimi  / Iran 2014 / 60 sec.

This short has received the award for its oxymoronic construction that contrasts sound and image in an often comical vein, advert-style, with a sadly only too common theme of life today: the impending, increasing scarcity of sources of water available for human use.