MOTIVATION: for the almost messianic idea that the future is this hour of bureaucratic banality of evil that inexorably blackens every thing spreading out within the desolate and livid atmosphere of a sharp grey photograph.

MOTIVATION: for the enchanting charm and talent of the young girl protagonist who with her non sound point of “view” of enriches the succinct sequence of scenes drawing the spectator onwards to the end of the deception of a small criminal plan.

MOTIVATION: for the masterly manner in which the Director sketches the loneliness of a tragicomic humanity that is rendered indistinguishable by the arid landscapes of indescribable beauty that cannot be reached by love, from illness and even from that death for which an inseparable father and son couple try to construct improbable coffins.

MOTIVATION: for the fine interpretation by all actors; for the subtle and crisp choreography of the “flights”; for the incisive and delicate interweaving of lucid and fearless directing that leaves no character innocent.

MOTIVATION: for the coherence of the tragi-classic conception of space, time and place transposed into the language of cinema; for the elegance of the invention of a single plan sequence which, through simple triangulation of “mirrors”, reminds us of the vortex of the archetypical tragedy, revealed and hidden, of separate irreducible worlds.

MOTIVATION: for the masterly way in which though a simple change of chromatic register the film renders the states of suspension and overlap of historical narrative memory and a no less strong familiar intimacy making it both real and sensitive.

MOTIVATION: for the importance, immediacy and URGENCY of the issue dealt with – “free exchange of seeds” – for Earth’s biodiversity; for the way in which heterogeneous, but always in film, cinematographic materials are used according to the same logic of the linguistic “seed” that opposes all technological flattening, banalization/reductionism and domination.

MOTIVATION: for the geniality of the abstract conception that is able to give rhythmic-symmetric-musical (Cage-theatredance) life (bring to life) to an enigmatic triangular destiny written in the abyss of a night-sky; for the surrealist invention of a beheaded / headless (leaderless) hu-manity; for the accuracy of the “triangulation” whose symbols only the “birds”, macabre messengers of doom, know who are in vain opposed by the “animal felix” in a metropolitan “metaphysic” enmeshed in “wires” of metal tracks…!