2016 winners



Wednesday 15th June, from 22.00, River Film Festival 2016 presents the award-winning films: on the floating screen at Portello, the attending audience will see all 5 awarded shorts.

The winner of “supershorts” and “100 seconds” will be chosen by the votes of the audience, which will see in the coming days the shorts that were not projected because of the bad weather.
Best Graduation Film

ADAPTATION Bartosz Kruhlik

The film ADAPTATION is awarded as the best film in the category of Graduation Films for its rich and cinematic way of storytelling through deft handling of actors, screen-play writing, camera and sound works all woven together. The film follows a gruesome family tragedy in close circumspection that goes far beyond the incident to reach an understading of individuals who must live on.


Best Italian film

BEAUTIFUL Alessandro Capitani

The deception that our body must, at all costs, be beautiful. That our body may not please. But each of us is beautiful in his or her own way. Selected for the award because of the excellent direction, of both film and actors, and the ironical twists in the narration.


Best Animation film


A touching and delicate animation film, full of tenderness and subtle humor. Mix of a Black and white photography and drawing images, in their simplicity underlines the richness and depth of storytelling-sincere way of storytelling.


Best Documentary film


for the most cogent and veritable documentary approach. While kids from the neighborhood play their daily game the adults as well as the whole area got already deeply involved. It looks as if there are no frontiers for a real passion…


Best International film


We have decided on a film that tells a human story about the journey of a former prisoner to gain his dignity and his position back in the society. Through subtle imagery and a profound performance, the film portrays powerfully the clash between punishment and forgiveness.


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