Meetings_Connections: the new section of the 14. River Film Festival

This year a new section joins the River Film Festival.

“Meetings_Connections” proposes three events of scientific dissemination aimed at bringing to the public issues related to the seventh art: contamination between documentary cinema and politics that characterized the history of “real cinema”; film narratives and methods that characterized the path of some of the most important documentary filmmakers; and the various applications of virtual and augmented realities, not only in the world of cinema, but also in the medical, scientific, and cultural fields.

A moment for the study days of the River College VR 2019

The first meeting will take place on Friday, September 4. The panel “Contaminazioni tra cinema, neuroscienze e nuove realtà del virtuale” (Contaminations between cinema, neurosciences and new virtual realities) will be presented by Luciano Gamberini and by HIT researchers. The Human Inspired Technology Research Centre of the University of Padua will be our partner for the VR section of the River Film Festival.

Next, on September 5, Mirco Melandro will present his new book “Cinema tra contaminazioni del reale e politica” (Cinema between contamination of reality and politics). The author will tell us all about the subtle border that exists between politics and cinema, referring in particular to the historical sectors in which films were produced, made and “contaminated”.

The final meeting on September 6 is “Virtual Reality_Real Virtuality” and it will be part of the River College Virtual Reality project. The association Researching Movie, creator of the River College, will present its development. The project rises from a suggestion: the desire to find, in the present time, a bridge of the imagination that can connect the past with the future. On one side there is the city of Padova, a place of knowledge and beauty, which aspires to be selected as an Unesco World Heritage Site. On the other side, there is the most innovative and engaging cinematic technology of the moment: Virtual Reality.

“River College Virtual Reality” is sponsored by the Fondazione Institution Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo (Culturalmente 2017), and by the Municipality of Padova, in cooperation with the Culture Department and with the University of Padova.

During this event, the VR shorts in competition at RiFF20 will be presented and discussed together.