Riff Awards


During the final period of the Venetian Republic the monetary system was no longer based solely on the “zecchino”, the famous gold coin minted without interruption for five centuries and accepted as a mean of international exchange  throughout the Mediterranean world. The gradual decline of Serenissima, in fact, had caused a shortage of this coin and in its place was created a complicated system of monetary division composed of “denari”, “bezzi”, “soldi”, “lire”, “lirazze”, “ducatoni” and “scudi”.

The coin that Barovier&Toso reproduce in glass is a “twelvw penny” piece of Marco Foscarini (who was Doge in 1762-63) and carries the inscription “S(anctus) M(arcus) V(enetus) M(arcus) FOSCARENUS”. The Doge, as was the custom, is shown kneeling in front of the Lion of St. Mark. The coin is gilded by firing the exterior in 24 carat gold is, understandably, much bigger in size than the original.