1—12 June 2022
    Padua – Italy

    Program 2022
    Portello River Film Festival

River Film Festival

The screen on the raft, moored on the waters of the Piovego at Porta Portello Padova, has become a well-recognised and widely appreciated “trademark” that has met with growing interest over the years. The 2021 River Film Festival is the 15TH edition. Over the years the festival has matured and become an event with a strong cultural connotation, an event the public looks forward to.

Notwithstanding the technical, economic and, above all, bureaucratic difficulties we have faced every year, the River Film festival has continued to grow and flourish, indeed, this edition includes many films that have already been entered in prestigious international festivals, such as Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastian, Toronto and Venice.

Our international jury is, as usual, made up of experts: directors, screenwriters and producers from Portugal, the United Kingdom and Italy. There are six categories of films competing: Cinema Schools, Italian Shorts, International Shorts, Animations, Documentaries and Super-Shorts, which latter are selected by public acclaim.

As always, the festival will be four intense, extraordinary, weeks in which we encounter stories, techniques and people that are all very different, but are united by the idea that Cinema can offer a spectacular wide-open window on multiculturality through images from all over the world. An enchanted fortnight set against the magical backdrop of Porta Portello, one of the old Medieval city gates, in an area of the city that still retains its unique characteristics.

Emilio Della Chiesa

Artistic Director