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RiFF goes VR-Cinema

Description of project: “River College Virtual Reality” This project “River College Virtual Reality” seeks to offer high quality cinematographic culture through a series of coordinated training, production and informative events which will serve to create a multimedia product that will valorise the artistic inheritance (the patrimony) of the Paduan area by focusing attention on “Padova […]

RiFF Awards 2018

IRAN – COUNTRY IN FOCUS   RETOUCH Kaveh Mazaheri / Iran Golden River and Audience Choice   The opening, full of suspense, transports the audience into a day in the oppressive life of the protagonist, whose every action is undertaken unwillingly. The realistic language of the film, together with remarkably natural and unpretentious acting, raises […]

Riff Awards

During the final period of the Venetian Republic the monetary system was no longer based solely on the “zecchino”, the famous gold coin minted without interruption for five centuries and accepted as a mean of international exchange  throughout the Mediterranean world. The gradual decline of Serenissima, in fact, had caused a shortage of this coin […]